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DaycareMama 11:29 AM 03-30-2012
When painting river rocks do you use just acrylic paint? Also do you seal the rock with anything after painting it?

frugalmama4 11:50 AM 03-30-2012
Hey good question...

And free craft my father-n-law has a back yard full of rocks.

I don't have an answer for you sorry...but I will google and see what comes up.
frugalmama4 11:53 AM 03-30-2012

I just typed in painting rock...and found these hopefully you find something.
DaycareMama 11:58 AM 03-30-2012
Thanks for the links

I free crafts.... they will look great in family gardens too

says to spray with an acrylic gloss spray sealer to preserve
Heidi 12:40 PM 03-30-2012
along that same vein...has anyone made concrete stepping stones with their d/c kids?
MNMum 01:57 PM 03-30-2012
My mom does this with her grandkids all the time. She just uses puffy paint (don't know if that is the correct name...) The older ones use the bottles, for the youngers, she gives them paint brushes. We have them in our garden and they hold up to the elements.
DaycareMama 06:41 PM 03-30-2012
Puffy paint is a cool twist.....hmmm good thing we didn't get to them today. I think that sounds cool
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