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Mike 07:41 PM 04-16-2016
I've been doing home renovations for 28 years of my life, and have done every stage of it. I've decided it's time to quit and do something I would rather do.

Since I first signed up here, I've found and received a lot of useful information and opinions. In exchange, I'm happy to help out when I can. If you have any questions about reno work, or even things like legal restrictions, post your questions. If I see your question, I will answer if I can. If you don't get an answer, or want to ask me, reply to this thread, (I'm subscribed to it), or PM me. Some questions, like region specific stuff, I may not know the answer to, but I can probably tell you how to find an answer.

Just my way of giving back for the help and encouragement I've received from all you.
Josiegirl 07:11 AM 04-17-2016
That is SO nice of you!
But I wouldn't have a clue where to start.

I'd love to do about 40 years of reno with 0 money. Can that be done?
My main focus right now is my backyard, setting in some edging, planting grass, getting flat stones/pavers, stuff like that. I pretty much have a blank slate and can kind of picture it in my mind(what mind I have left) but those aren't house renovations.
Plus I've got to get a plumber in here and fix a few minor things. I keep telling myself I should be able to do it but my faucet in the basement leaks every time I turn it on(it's really old)and that's been that way since last summer.
Just seems like every tiny thing I try to do on my own, it takes me 5 times as long because I make 100 mistakes along the way. So I'm improving my skills as a procrastinator.

BUT that is SO nice of you.
Mike 05:53 PM 04-17-2016
Let's start with the faucet.

2 options. Replace the faucet, or replace the washers in it. Do you feel like attempting that yourself, or know someone who will try it?

Either way, water will have to be shut off.

Are there shut off taps down below the faucet? If there are shut off taps and they are held by nuts, not soldered, you could easily change the faucet or the washers. If there are no shut off taps, the only option for DIY is to replace the washers. I can give you step by step directions either way if you want to attempt it.
Josiegirl 02:56 AM 04-18-2016
Thanks Mike. One of these days I will attempt it. I can shut the water off using the shut-off valves. I've gone on youtube and watched a tutorial about it. If it's a simple washer I could probably do it. But they started talking about the 'seat' and that's when I could only imagine me $crewing everything up. It's an old-fashioned laundry tub type faucet.
Maybe I'll take another look at it and see what I can figure out. When I don't know what I'm doing I tend to put it on hold until the situation becomes desperate.
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