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blessed mom 06:25 PM 03-20-2011
Who painted their home for the kids? What did you do? I'm thinking I'm going to paint...and have my kids put hand prints around in various primary colors. Suggestions? What are the best colors in your opinion...etc
Meeko 05:08 AM 03-21-2011
I am right in the middle of painting murals all over! We used to live in the "day care" house. Then we bought another one and gave this one to our son (my helper) He decided he just needed a bedroom and a small "living room" he took over the last two bedrooms down the hallway and we have turned the rest of the house over to the kids. I am moving from room to room and painting murals. We have Noah's ark in the baby room, woodland creatures in one playroom and "under the sea" is planned for another room. Then for our lunch room, I am going to paint food all over the walls! I'm having soooo much fun with this!
blessed mom 05:29 AM 03-21-2011
And you're painting this yourself?! Wow! That's talent! Post pictures! You have a little center going there! That would be a fun painting project!

I don't have the mural talent for me it's just various colored walls.
Meeko 04:59 AM 03-22-2011
I wish I could say I'm talented...but then my nose would grow very long.......

I use a mural template from Create-a-Toon. I found them years ago. They make templates that you just trace on the wall and paint. Kind of like a huge coloring book. Looks great and it's easy!

I will post some pics later. It all looks a bit messy right now!
SimpleMom 07:08 AM 03-22-2011
I LOVE the hand print idea! I painted circles of various sizes in my place for the kids. All in primary colors. Also thought of doing a jungle theme/mural. It's all dc space down stairs. have fun with it
MN Day Mom 07:13 AM 03-22-2011
We are in the process of revamping my daycare space now. We are painting two colors... a pale light blue and a pale light yellow. We are getting an Alphabet Tree painted on one of the walls in the near future and I am going to purchase some wall decals for other areas....

The fresh new paint makes such a huge difference!
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