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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>In Need Of Advice On Raising Rates
CraftyMom 12:21 PM 02-04-2014
I renewed all contracts and made my yearly revisions to my handbook at the beginning of January. I also changed my opening time by 1 hour to make it less stressful getting my kids on the bus. I wanted to make a small cost of living rate increase this year, but didn't because I shortened my hours by 1 hour each day. Well my home owners insurance has gone up due to my required daycare coverage. I would like to raise my rates now by $5/week to help make up the difference. Not sure how the parents will take it since my hours changed. Any thoughts?
TwinKristi 02:02 PM 02-04-2014
I don't think it's too much to ask, $1/day, $5/wk, $20/mo. But probably should have included it with your contract update and other changes or parents feel like it's "one thing after another"... Even though we know it's just how the cookie crumbles.
Second Home 02:57 PM 02-04-2014
I do not think that amount is unreasonable.
Crazy8 03:29 PM 02-04-2014
Based on your recent changes I would probably just wait and make changes a little later in the year. Maybe in June or so when you are transitioning to summer/fall changes?? I would just eat the homeowners ins. cost for right now. You just cut an hour off your schedule, I just think it may be looked at negatively if you raised your rate a month later. JMO of course!
CraftyMom 04:02 PM 02-04-2014
I think I might wait until June
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