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Core12 06:43 AM 09-20-2019
Iím going to raise my rates by $10/kid due to recent regulations with my states ratios. I also just had 3 kids leave for preschool. How much notice should I give? Is sending a group text to everyone ok? How should I word it?
Snowmom 07:04 AM 09-20-2019
I wouldn't text a rate increase.
I'd do a formal letter requiring a signature.

As far as notice, 30 days would be my minimum for changes to their contract.
Cat Herder 07:23 AM 09-20-2019
I agree with the letter and signature suggestion, it is a contract change and requires documentation. Personally, I'd wait until December to notify with a complete, updated, contract and have it go into effect January 1st (1st day of Quarter 1, 2020). It is really easy to fill slots temporarily, if needed, in December due to all the hoppers trying to get out of paying for vacations and those looking for back-up care.
rosieteddy 07:29 AM 09-20-2019
I would send a letter home Friday (today).Two weeks was plenty of notice per my contract.Short and sweet.I often included the daily tuition increase. Dear Parents Due to extenuating circumstances.Tuition rates will increase by 10.00 Dollars weekly.This is an increase of only 2.00 dollars a day.Please sign and return one copy for my files.Then set tuition rate for week of October 7th.Thank you for your cooperation signed.I hand wrote or printed 2 copies each.Just do what you need to 2 dollars is less than most spend on coffee .
AmyKidsCo 02:20 PM 09-20-2019
I give 30 days' notice for rate increases, and include the with my annual Parent Handbook update. I have the parents sign that they received an updated copy and agree to follow the policies.
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