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Honi 12:57 PM 06-13-2013
Hi my name is Honi and I joined this Daycare Forum to gather valuable information regarding opening a Family Daycare Center.

This is something that I planned to do approximately 5 years ago. However, the housing market tanked and I was without a plan.

Since then I was laid off from my job of 13 years and found myself no longer wanting to work in Corporate America.

I originally wanted a facility, but for the last two months I've been working on a home based daycare.

I'm awaiting my LLC approval from the state and can proceed once that's received.

In the meantime, I'm doing my research to gather as much information as possible.

Any tips that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in Advance,

Blackcat31 01:10 PM 06-13-2013
Welcome to the forum!
Michael 03:02 PM 06-13-2013
Honi 03:54 PM 06-13-2013
Thank you Michael & BlackCat31...

I look forward to the interaction with everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

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