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Unregistered 11:55 AM 11-29-2007
My 3 year old started preschool this fall in a program that is run by our school district and preschoolers attend within the elementary school in the neighborhood. We were excited to have our daughter be able to go to a preschool directly connected to her eventual elementary school. So far we are very happy with the program content and feel like the teachers are truly wonderful. What we didn't realize was, that unlike other schools in the district, our elementary is not actually big enough to house the preschoolers on-site, so they are in a annex building right next door that was formerly a residential home.

The building has been modified to be used as a preschool center and the homey atmosphere is somewhat charming. However, what I've noticed over the past several weeks is a general lack of cleaniness -- not in the day to day stuff, I've seen the teachers wipe down and sanitize tables and surfaces and make sure that children wash hands and such. What I'm noticing are dusty and grimey build-ups along base boards, heating registers, windows, toilet base and floors that appear to be mopped infrequently at best. I've talked to the administrator about cleaniness and inquired about who is responsible for cleaning and what they do and about the buildings cleaning schedule. According to her the elementary school custodians are in charge of cleaning the building and do so each night as per state regulations (Missouri). Frankly, I don't believe it -- I think it's inconvenient for the custodial staff to have to mess with cleaning this separate building -- in fact I don't believe this building is being cleaned every night and certaintly not thoroughly cleaned. Interestingly, I have found the administrator to be overly defensive when I have said anything about my concerns, even when I initially just inquired about the cleaning routine and frequency. Well low and behold I just recently found out (not from her) that her husband is the school's custodian! I am clearly not going to get anywhere with her and now I don't know where to turn -- should I go above her head to someone at the school board or should go straight to reporting them to a state regulatory agency? Could they get shut down if I report this cleaning issue to the state licensing agency? I don't want that to happen, it could displace children and the teachers. I simply want the situation corrected -- the building should be cleaned appropriately. Except for this issue, I think it is a wonderful environment for my daughter. I really need suggestions from parents and providers.

Thanks so much!
Bobbie 12:24 PM 11-29-2007
I would put my concerns down in writing and send it to the facility administrator. If there is no responce I would then file a complaint with your state's licensing agency. They will not be shut down but will have the complaint filed if they do not meet state standards.

Child Care Licensing Agency
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Bureau of Child Care
1715 Southridge Drive
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: (573) 751-2891
Fax: (573) 526-5345
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