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Francine 04:03 AM 07-01-2010
Okay I have two one year old boys both with issues that I could use some advice on.

Boy #1.....only child, use to being carried around or sat with 100% of the time. The only time he isn't crying is when I am sitting right next to him or carrying him. We all know that I can't do that all day nor do I want to. As I move around the house doing what I need to do I reassure him that I am right here, I talk to him etc. etc. He is only here Monday and Tuesday mornings and all day Wednesday and has been here for three weeks without much improvement. Does anybody have any advice, he is a great kid when he isn't crying but he crys more than not.

Boy #2.....oops child! has a 17 year old brother and an 18 year old sister. He is allowed to do whatever he wants at home and they all think it's cute. I can handle him getting into things etc. I know how to deal with that but I need some advice on teaching him about "personal space", he follows boy #1 around constantly with his hands on his shoulders pushing him, hugging him, grabbing him etc. He wants to grab, hit etc. my three month old boy.
How would you handle this? How do you teach a new one year old HANDS OFF? I sometimes forget that he is just one because he is huge, he probably weighs more than both of my daughters did when they were 3. All the more reason to get on this, he could very easily hurt the baby or even boy #1 just by pushing or falling on them. He out weighs boy #1 by about 10 pounds.

Boy #1....crying!
Boy #2....personal space......HELP!
katie 06:27 AM 07-01-2010
As for boy#1 I have a 1 yr old dcg that did the same thing. The only child at home being held all day, center of the universe. I caught on right away that she was used to eating on mom's lap from mom's plate b/c she was crying at my lap when I tried to eat any meal. Not going to work! She also cried behind me all day. I did the same thing you are doing, reassured her etc. After about 4 weeks she finally stopped, although at week 6 she still does it sometimes. Just keep doing what you are doing. He will get it eventually.
JenNJ 08:21 AM 07-01-2010
#1: I would talk to Mom about it. Ask her to wean him off of that at home because its making his adjustment to daycare difficult. If he expects her to do it, he will expect you to do it.

#2: I would just redirect him. And if your boy is in the same room, maybe place a a barrier like a gate or something between #2 and your infant in the swing, bouncy, etc. Teach him gentle touch like hugging, high fives, etc.
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