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Unregistered 06:01 AM 06-10-2008
The daycare my son goes to has a strong smell of sewage problems or sanitary issues with dirty diapers or something that has that type of smell. Should I report them?
Michael 10:09 AM 06-10-2008
Good question. Smells are important. They can alert you to a potential problem. Before going further, are the conditions in the daycare dirty? Are there soiled cloths or children unattended? If you see things out of place then you should contact your state's licensing agency. There are standards that must be followed by your daycare that protect the children they care for. Please see you state's contact umbers and requirements here:
mac60 04:38 PM 06-10-2008
Before jumping the gun and reporting them, why not go to the office of the daycare and tell them your concerns and let them know you expect it to be corrected soon......then, if they don't do anything about it, take the next step.
Unregistered 07:11 PM 07-22-2008
WHY? Can't u communicate w/ the provider and ask her what is wrong? Why does everyone think they need to REPORT without finding out what is wrong themselves-GOOD GRAVY-don't any of you communicate-is your home 100% up to par-granted daycare homes have to be-but give them the benefit of the doubt-that just MAYBE-there was a poppy diaper just put in the trash? HMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD GRAVY-COMMUNICATION is the KEY to a successful education for our children-
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