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JJPlaycare 07:18 AM 05-12-2010
So I started doing daycare for a little boy when he was about 4 months, he has been a GREAT baby - always smiling, eats great, sleeps great and I love mom and dad! It has all been great! He is now 13 months and for the last 3 weeks it has been rough!! He IS getting teeth, but can this all be from teeth? He gets here at 7am, he is ready to eat as soon as he walks in the door and pretty much screams until I have it on his tray! He is happy as a lark while he is eating! I wash him up and the YELLING begins!! He is on my ankle and just screaming!! He stops as soon as I pick him up! He doesn't like when any of the other kids come near me, he FREAKS! Pretty much the only time this child is happy is when I am HOLDING him, He is SLEEPING, or He is EATING - the rest of the day he is Yelling (it really isn't crying) I don't know what to do, I have told mom he really isn't happy here, I told her everything I have put in this email and I also asked how he has been at home and she said CRABBY!! I don't know, but it is getting to be some very long 7am - 5pm days with this little yeller and I don't know what to do! The only thing I can come up with is he is TEETHING, but I don't remember it going on for this long and an all day event with my kids for like 3 weeks straight! Maybe I have teething amnesia, I don't know!! I don't get how he can go from being the jollyest little guy to this!! He is still eating good and sleeping great it is just the rest of the time! UGH - need some advice!! Oh would also like to mention that he is child #1 lives with mom and dad on Grandma and Grandpas property!! Do you think he could just be so spoiled and being held and constantly entertained at home that he doesn't know what to do here! He plays with nothing! : (
AmandasFCC 07:42 AM 05-12-2010
He'll get over it. It's an attachment phase that they go through around 12 months and as long as it's effective resolved (i.e. his needs are met, he has someone to actually feel attached to) he'll get over it pretty quickly
MarinaVanessa 07:51 AM 05-12-2010
Hang in there. I freeze bananas and cut them in half for my teethers. Just peel back a part if it and let them go at it. This might work while you prepare his food, just give it to him as soon as you put him in highchair so you can get his breakfast ready.

As for the rest of the day, maybe he's in pain. Are you giving him something for the teething? Even just a large icecube may sooth him.

I purchased two of these (and used one a few years ago for my own daughter) and these work great. They can chew on any part of the toy which is all ribbed with some type of pattern and the star itself vibrates which helps scratch the itch. They're easy to clean and I have yet to see one go out of it's battery (once the battery goes out I don't think you can change it). They cost about $10 and are made by First Years. Just write his name on it and he can walk around with it and chew on it all he wants.

I wouldn't pick him up and hold him all of the time. He'll just get used to it and may want you to continue to hold him after he's done teething. He may just want to feel comfortable, maybe you could make him a small bed on the floor with pillows and a warm soft blanket and have him cuddle in it with a soft toy. I have a 9 mo old thats teething (already walking) and he's the same. I just throw a bunch of pillows and a small blanket in the dryer and pile the pillows and he'll lay on them and I put the blanket on him. The pillows will eventually get cooler but he usually forgets and will start playing with something. Good luck.
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