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ginacarlisle 03:47 AM 01-30-2020
I have a 9 month old that was 6 weeks preemie so she is entitled to reach intervention services. There are 2 different people that come and I don't want to deal with it anymore. Will it be awful to just say no. She is not that much developmentally delayed and I feel they are not much help. My other kids act up.
Cat Herder 05:10 AM 01-30-2020
Do you have an area they can go to so the other kids are not accessible? I am not sure of your rights in your state. Heck, I am not really sure of my rights anymore, the state seems to be willing to stomp them at will.

What does your CCR&R say? Are they willing to work for you?
Snowmom 06:31 AM 01-30-2020
I'm not really sure what these services are but I'm curious as to why they can't be done at home.

I'm not a big fan of hosting services at my location. I usually tell parents that these types of visits are a disruption and it's not fair for the rest of the group since I would need to adjust everyone's schedule for one child. It's just not conducive in my environment.
If they need to be done during certain business hours, then I would make an exception to my drop off cut off time (8:45) and they should be done at home then they can have a late arrival to daycare instead.
dolores 08:53 AM 01-30-2020
Our state does not require onsite services however I accommodate it especially if parents work. If it was disruptive to my program though, I would have them make alternate arrangements to have it done elsewhere. We have a separate room that can be used however I prefer it be done in the main daycare room so they're in sight... just to be on the safe side. And usually therapist prefers to be in daycare room so they can work with their child on cognitive, language and social skills in a group setting.
Msdunny 09:43 AM 01-30-2020
I tried it once, years ago. Mom wanted her 4 year old to have speech therapy here. It just didn't work in my small space, so I had to end it. The only place I could have the therapist work with the child was in the playroom, and the other kids were too little to really be able to sit quietly and do something else.
Rockgirl 09:51 AM 01-30-2020
Iíve had a few therapists come here over the years. The ECI ones wanted to work with children in their usual daycare environment, so they were in the daycare room with us. I actually enjoyed having them here. A private speech therapist came to work with another child, and she wanted a separate space. They went into my living room, which is visible from the daycare room. None of the therapists were disruptive to my program, but Iím sure that can vary greatly.
DaveA 10:21 AM 01-30-2020
I tell parents and therapists they can come here until it becomes an issue for group as a whole. If it's reached a point you're done with it I would explain to the parents that it has become a problem and they need to make alternate arrangements.
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