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daycare 11:36 AM 05-06-2011
I have a very large sandbox, up to 10 kids can sit in it at one time..allthough I only have 6 kids.

the sandbox is sitting on my patio. No other place to put it. i have great grass every where else and my back yard is not that big

the kids dump the sand out of the box all of the time onto the concrete patio. When they do this, the concrete turns into an ice skating rink. It is so slippery that one can barely walk on it with out falling.

Of course I ask them to keep the sand in the box, but we know that's impossibe. Sand is from one end to the next.... i am contstanly having to sweep the sand back infront of the box and then having to scoop it up and back in it goes..

Does anyone have any advice of what I could put on the ground to stop the slipping from occuring??
Meyou 11:49 AM 05-06-2011
My kids are not allowed to dump sand outside the box. If they dump they're done for the day. Try it.
SimpleMom 11:52 AM 05-06-2011
have you tried that foam padding that connects like a puzzle? Might not keep from slipping, but would provide a nice cushion
youretooloud 12:11 PM 05-06-2011{keyword}&gclid=CKKg08f206gCFQtPgwodaysz_w

These would contain the sand. But, at Lowes or Home Depot, it's about 18.99 for one, so, don't order them online.

They last forever too. Plus, if you decide to move it, it has many other uses.

(we used them under the swings for a while) Now they are on top of our rocks so the kids have more play space.
daycare 12:29 PM 05-06-2011
I already have the rule of if you dump outside the box you are out for that play time....But it happens regardless.. I dont alway see who did it and so on...

gonna check out the link thanks so much
AmandasFCC 12:30 PM 05-06-2011
Originally Posted by Meyou:
My kids are not allowed to dump sand outside the box. If they dump they're done for the day. Try it.
Yup, same here.
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