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kitkat 04:08 PM 08-30-2011
Just curious, what toys do your 6 month olds like the best? Or, what do you have that they never want to play with? DS just turned 6 months old and isn't a big fan of the toys we have so I'm looking for more toy/equipment ideas (I can't believe I'm actually thinking of getting MORE toys ).

None of my dcks or my own kids ever liked rattles. Bouncy seat is ok, but not a favorite for anyone. ALL of my kids, even the older ones, LOVE this hand-me down kick toy. I have never seen one like it, so I have no idea what it's called. They also love this lion thing from Leap Frog that has a spinny thing on it's stomach and plays songs. Gotta admit, I love that one, too. I have an exersaucer which is also well liked. I have thought about getting a jumperoo, but that takes up as much room as the saucer and I don't want to have both.
MyAngels 04:15 PM 08-31-2011
I have a six month old right now and he likes the ring stacking toy, all of the various teething toys I have, the clear blocks with the cool doodads in them and the small toys with the mirrors on the sides. He's really active, and I can put him in the middle of a big blanket surrounded by these toys and he stays content for quite a while. He doesn't really care for the jumperoo or bouncy seats, he just likes to be free, apparently .
AnneCordelia 04:25 PM 08-31-2011
My baby is 11mo now but as a 6mo he enjoyed being on the floor most. Little People are a big hit for newly working hands/fingers. We also have lots of Peek-a-Blocks that are enjoyed. Fabric books are a good idea too.

I'm not a fan of big uni-taskers like jumperoos. Do you have a door frame for a jolly jumper? that could be hidden out of the way. My sister has a hook anchored into her ceiling that she puts her jolly jumper on so she doesn't need a door frame. Her hubby put it up and it will hold very safe.
Abigail 11:10 PM 08-31-2011
We can't use Johnny Jumps up or even Walkers here for licensing requirements. I have to admit our 8 month old has always hated the bouncy seat since about 4 months. We don't use a swing really--didn't like that. It was a portable swing, so that could have been a factor for the short swing lengths being annoying and how low to the ground she wouldn't have been able to see much down there. She does enjoy the exersaucer for a good 10-15 minutes. We don't put her on a blanket or under any activity gyms because she rolls around so much she makes them cover her or collapse around her! We put a few small toys on the floor a foot or so apart from each other and she decides where she wants to go. All the items are small enough for her to hold. She does like one of those standard beanie baby size soft toys (without tags), but it's not a beanie baby, it's a Tigger from Pooh Bear. That is so easy to chew on and wash, love it myself.
Sunshine44 08:17 AM 09-01-2011
Bath books. They can look at them and chew on them and they won't come apart. Sometimes you can get them at the Dollar tree or The dollar spot at Target.

Blocks and cars that are bigger in size.
youretooloud 08:58 AM 09-01-2011
I like Sophie the Giraffe, but she's expensive. If it were my own child It would be totally worth it though.

I also buy those small water bottles for little kids. I think they are about six or eight oz, but are slightly rounded and short. Then, I pour out some of the water, and fill it with colorful things. (ribbons, pony beads etc) then glue the lid on with glue-all, and hot glue.

Oatmeal boxes with a few things inside. Especially if you pretend it's not HIS oatmeal box. Make it seem like it's your favorite oatmeal box, and you just didn't notice he had it.
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