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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Do Your Young Toddlers Play With?
Hunni Bee 01:55 PM 04-23-2012
We phased out our infant room and changed it to a young toddler room (16 to 24 months).

once we removed the baby equipment ( swing, bouncer, etc) it looked really empty). Here's what's in there:

Small table and chairs
Foam climber
Couple riding toys
Small shelf with toys hard toys
Soft toys

We plan to put a small kitchen and accessories in there. What else?
Ariana 02:09 PM 04-23-2012
Kitchen is a big hit. I have a bunch of plastic food, felt food and wooden food that I change out weekly. I also have a pizza parlour set for the kitchen area which gets changed out. They also really enjoy the Little People play sets. I had the farm and the dollhouse. I also have some Happyland play sets, the firehouse and schoolhouse which they like. My DD started imaginary play at 16 months!

Toy phones, strollers, toy dogs in purses are a big hit as well as any and all musical instruments!
Blackcat31 02:12 PM 04-23-2012
I have the same things in my infant/toddler room except I have lots of containers/baskets. Big, small, plastic, cloth, square, circular......anything they can put things into they LOVE!

I also have two sets of Little Tike mausical instruments. Drums, tamborines, and maracas. The little ones love being musical.

Oh and tons of blocks, those peek-a-boo blocks and a bunch of giant Lego-type blocks. They really love the blocks.
SilverSabre25 02:23 PM 04-23-2012
Noise making things
simple shape sorter
simple puzzles
Sunchimes 03:21 PM 04-23-2012
These are the things my kids play with the most. They are 19 and 20 months.

Mega Blocks
Riding toys
Doll stroller
Grocery cart
Tea set--they are just now starting to play with it instead of dumping it. We've been practicing tea parties.
Large blocks-I used the Capri Sun juice boxes covered in contact paper. They build with them and they line them up and walk on them. We do a lot of "Up" and "down" as they step up and down over and over...and over and over.
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