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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Hi, From Tennessee
Clara 09:38 AM 05-09-2013
I am in Tennessee and in the research stage of opening a Home DayCare for Pre-Kindergarteners. I am planning on starting small [total of 4] the first year.
I have a Bachelor of Education Degree [only taught K for 3 yrs] and have always loved teaching. Since retirement I have home school some of my Grandchildren in grades Pre-K, K, and 12th. No, not all in the same year.
The inner teacher in me is longing to be set free and teach again. Since I love teaching Pre-K the most the decided to open my home to some came easy.
My target starting date is the last week of July. This will be a year around program in which educational skills will be taught more through play than paperwork. [NannyC on Pinterest] Setting up the educational portion of a Home DayCare is easy for me while I know nothing of sitting up the DayCare portion.
After reading the forum's posts for hours I have already learned a lot.
Thanks for all of your honesty and freely sharing your knowledge and experiences. I've now have the TN State requirements and licensing info.
I'm looking forward to hearing and sharing with you.
Clara aka NannyC
Blackcat31 10:00 AM 05-09-2013
Welcome to the forum!
Melanie's Munchkins 10:54 AM 09-04-2013
What part of Tennessee?
Clara 07:11 AM 09-05-2013
Maryville, Tn here.
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