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tjones34 07:05 AM 09-18-2013
So I have a child that is constantly torturing the other children and today he crossed the line by spitting on another child. He has been hitting, pushing, yelling at these little children to the point where they don't want to be around him. He is 4 and the children he targets are under 2. I have had numerous talks with mom and first she told me that he causes problems where ever they go but then when we had a recent conference she says she doesn't know where this behavior is coming from. So I want to give her a written notice today which will be a final notice, if he has anymore serious incidents he will be terminated. This is so stressful. I need some help ladies and a nice legal letter saying such.
countrymom 10:39 AM 09-18-2013
going to bump this up. I know someone will help you with your letter. And stand your ground. We are here to support you.
Maria2013 10:46 AM 09-18-2013
sorry I can't help you writing a letter, in all these years running a daycare I never wrote one...I termed 2 families right on the spot, the issues were obvious so I wasn't gonna waste my time trying to come up with the right words

JoseyJo 12:26 PM 09-18-2013
I got one a few months ago from EntropyControlSpecialist but I can't find I now. It was a good one too!
Unregistered 12:32 PM 09-18-2013
Next time he acts up just call parents for pick up and term on the spot, they had enough warnings
daycarediva 12:33 PM 09-18-2013
Honestly, if Mom isn't able/willing to work WITH you, I wouldn't wait around for another incident to occur before taking action. I would hand her a term letter, with whatever notice you are contractually obligated to give AND stipulate in the letter that any serious incidents will require IMMEDIATE pick up and will result in IMMEDIATE termination, with NO refunds.

I DO NOT tolerate violence, especially unprovoked!
tjones34 12:53 PM 09-18-2013
Thanks! Her way of working with me is bribing the child and I don't believe in that.
Michael 01:01 PM 09-18-2013
Some here:
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