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BrooklynM 03:45 PM 01-14-2014
I saw the other post for toys from 6-18 months, my group are coming out of that age group except for one new baby and they are getting a little bored. I have balls, kitchen stuff, little people, a playhouse, slide, sandbox, mega blocks, puzzles, fake and old cell phones, cars, but I'm missing some sensory type toys. Any suggestions that don't make a mess? I'm fine with making a mess in the summer, but its so hard to make a mess right now that I just had a new baby start and most of them are more more towards the 18 month mark so they don't know how to control themselves.

If you can be specific of favorite toys, like include a link that would be even better.

Thank you so much!
MamaBearCanada 03:58 PM 01-14-2014
Touch and feel books
Fake flowers
Fabric of different colours textures - silk, velvet, cotton, wool, tulle, fleece, denim
Paper and cardboard
Sandpaper - scraps or cut into letters
Foam letters or shapes
Sensory bottles (with lid glued on) water and beads, rice and toothpicks, salt/sand/sugar and hidden objects, water and foam letters or shapes, glitter, dried beans or pasta- the possibilities are endless.
Cloud sand
Large lacing beads
Wooden blocks
Things to smell - herbs and spices, citrus peel, flowers, cinnamon sticks, mint, essential oils. Wrap items in cheesecloth or dab a small amount of an essential oil on a cloth.
Little samples of different tastes - something sweet, salty, sour
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