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falyniii 11:12 AM 03-03-2010
Can anyone offer any advice or good reads on what type of building i should be looking from. I've bought a few "start a daycare" kits/books but none really get into the step of finding a location or what to look for in a place.


Should i be looking to buy/rent a single house with a large lawn so the kids have play space?

Are there certain areas that are more profitable?

My own basements an option but i dont have enought space for 12 children thats why im looking for other options.

I feel as though Ive taken the necessary steps to get started. I've motivated saved, educated myself in the childcare field. I've done some networking but am not getting much help in this area. The best i got was to "try looking on craiglist" hopefully someone can provide some insight or just point me in the right direction.

Crystal 01:37 PM 03-03-2010
Not sure what state you are in, so don't know regs for your area BUT, a great resource that is free is :

It's specific to the state of California in terms of resources, but has great advice/info on starting either a family childcare or center based program.
falyniii 01:49 PM 03-03-2010

Im in philadelphia. I will look over this.
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