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Sprouts 05:43 PM 01-25-2011
I saw a really cool camera called drop cam that is connected to a website that you pay a monthly fee to and it can record up to a week of stuff...i was thinking about having this just for me....or maybeeeeee even for parents but not sure the legal issues behind that, i know it cant point to any baby changing areas or the bathroom.

This was a selling point for putting my daughter in her day care center so I figured why not in a home day care for parents who have hard time splitting with their kid??

Any experiences or ideas?????
Michael 11:12 PM 01-25-2011
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David88 06:17 PM 07-28-2011
Hey MStein,

It sounds like a Dropcam would work for you. Dropcams can stream and record up to a month of audio and video via WiFi to the cloud. They stream video over the Internet automatically so there is pretty much no setup involved other than entering your wireless password when setting a Dropcam up. With the video stored in the cloud, you can watch your daughter from any computer or your smartphone via the free Dropcam app.

A useful feature for you would be the free email notifications. Anytime your daughter moves jumps into the frame, you'll immediately get an alert. Because Dropcam is recording 24/7, you'll be able to watch and save your daughter's precious moments for you to always keep. You can also securely share your video stream so grandpa and grandma can watch your baby too!
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