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Miss Lindsey 08:42 AM 08-15-2011
I keep all my napping babies in seperate rooms (4 kids). I have 2 monitors, but they seem to interact, so only one will work. Its a hand-me-down monitor, but works fine when its the only one in use. Do I just use extra speakers with the same monitor, or is there a better system?
bice99 09:13 AM 08-15-2011
You need Sony baby monitors. They are the best. Our oldest is 9, so is her monitor! I have 3 in my house right now. 3 colored spots, 3 colors each on the bottom so you can set your own channel. My neighbor has one now, too.
agesandstages 10:10 AM 08-15-2011
I have 3 monitors in my kitchen: a $20 Safety First(new), The First Years (old), and Fisher Price (old). I dislike the Safety First because of the interference. However, as long as they aren't too close to each other the other two are perfect. Have you tried moving them around? I use sound machines in each of the bedrooms and they can't be next to a monitor b/c of interference issues.

Good luck!!
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