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My Daycare 12:18 PM 10-19-2011
I keep waking up the babies by checking on them

Are there any cheap video monitors out there that can see in the dark? Is it possible to set up a few wireless webcams? Are you able to tell if the baby is breathing with any of them?
Michael 01:02 PM 10-19-2011
Some great threads on monitors here:
nannyde 02:30 PM 10-19-2011
I have cameras but I still have to check them visually.

If you can have one dedicated camera that works in low light where you can target the rise and fall of their chest then that may work but if it's just an overhead camera it's not going to be the same as checking on them.

I have to POKE my baby every time I go check on him. Makes me feel better for the next ten minutes.

They get used to me coming in and out. I never have any problem with it. They learn that waking up doesn't net them getting up so they will sleep thru a LOT of noise.
misspollywog 08:49 PM 10-19-2011
I have high end cctv cameras and yes, they can see well in the dark but not enough to trust with those little ones.

If I took in infants I'd still have to manually check on them for my own peace of mind.

Nannyde is right, they will get used to you coming and going. It might take time, but they will.
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