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sharlan 06:06 PM 10-26-2011
I normally can let the younger boys play in the backyard alone while I cook dinner, especially if the 6 yo is out there. I can see the whole yard from my kitchen window and can hear most conversations. I heard, "Do it! Do it! Do it!" from the 3 1/2 yo and something about a parachute from the 4 1/2 yo.

I looked up just in time to see the 4 1/2 yo attempting to climb over the fence on the top of the play structure. He was going to jump off the top and use his jeans as a parachute.

A year ago, he hurt his arm when he bailed out of the swing, while his dad was pushing him.

My granddaughters were so much calmer than these 2 boys.

In 27 years of daycare, I never had 2 greater daredevils than these 2.
Zoe 06:16 PM 10-26-2011
Oh my. Boys are crazy!
Sprouts 06:20 PM 10-26-2011
Just curious, if the boy did get hurt, like break an arm or even would you have explained to the parents that you weren't out there with them??
sharlan 06:34 PM 10-26-2011
These two are my grandsons and Mom #1 was home. It was her son getting ready to go over.

My backyard is pretty small and I can see the whole yard from the kitchen window.
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