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Unregistered 11:22 AM 02-03-2012
What kind/ brand of infant monitor do you use? Sound and/ or video? I need to get a new one and want something nice that will last a while!
Also, anyone use a white noise machine? I have a baby now that loves the sound of the fan blowing, but would like to get something else so I dont blow out my fan motor again!
Michael 11:35 AM 02-03-2012
Here are some threads with more information on monitors and cctv:
bice99 11:58 AM 02-03-2012
For audio only, Sony is the only way to go! Figure all of those other companies specialize in baby gear. Sony makes electronics. One of mine is almost 10 years old (it was our older daughter's), the next is 7 years old. Have a new one, too. Best part is there are 3 switches on the bottom which each have 3 colors, so lots of possible channels. No interference. Oh - and the battery will last over 24 hours without being plugged in to recharge. You do have to have different bases on different channels, but I can easily change back and forth between rooms (I have 3).
Cat Herder 12:04 PM 02-03-2012
I don't use baby monitors after overhearing a heated argument of my neighbors over my own baby's....

BUT, I could not function without a Sleep Sheep for infants. I have grown to LOVE those so much. They clip to the outside wall of the crib and have several seattings...heartbeat and ocean are my favorites and work like a dream.

After they are out of a crib, I turn on a ocean sounds cd on autoplay so it just repeats, over and over.
renodeb 12:42 PM 02-06-2012
I use the fisher price one with two channel settings.
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