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DTSCCTV 08:04 PM 05-04-2010
Hello Everyone,

I am a business owner just outside of Philadelphia PA who specializes in Security Systems (Alarms, Security Cameras, and Structured Wiring etc.) and I wanted to take this time to supply everyone with some literature about the new technology in CCTV that may be beneficial to some. Some of us may already own a security system that uses a DVR for recording purposes. Today's future technology performs the same function without having the worries that come with purchasing a DVR.
Currently Have a DVR:

• If your DVR is stolen, you will not have any video
• If someone removed the CD/tape, you will not have any video.
• If your DVR is destroyed in a fire or flood, you will have no video.
• Picture quality lessens with continuous re-recording.
• DVR’s are a customer’s biggest expense.
• DVR’s are the number one cost of all CCTV generated service calls.
• What’s the warranty of your DVR?
• Once the warranty is over, if something happens you have to replace the DVR itself.

With the number of working parents increasing, childcare is becoming an essential part of early education. A video surveillance system at your day care or childcare center can help keep children safe and provide parents with peace of mind. There are few things as important to us as our children. As a result, we take their safety and security very seriously. This is especially true when we leave our children in the care of others. We want to make sure that they are safe and secure when at school, day care, or elsewhere. Parents want to know that their children are safe so more and more daycares are adding security cameras to their facilities as a result. Installing a security camera system in a daycare center gives the parents a sense of security that their children are not only being watched by a qualified facility but that the entire environment of the daycare is being monitored using video surveillance. With security cameras and a surveillance DVR recorder, the day care owners are able to monitor the children and know if anything is amiss. We are not just talking about abduction, which is a fear for any parent, but we are also talking about children wandering off, or getting injured. With someone actively monitoring the cameras they can see a child in danger and be able to respond quickly. They can also alert day care staff about the child wandering off and have someone get the child before it is too late. Also, with video surveillance also being recorded, old footage can be reviewed at any time to review past events that took place. Security cameras are used to keep us safe in stores and out in the street, so why are they not used to keep our children safe in day care?

To learn more about how Digital Technology Solutions can help secure your business and protect your children and staff, send me a Private Message. If you purchase our offsite monitoring system, we will guarantee all of your cameras for the life of your system.
missnikki 07:30 AM 05-05-2010
Raise your hand if you think this sounds good. NOPE HERE
Liliya 07:36 AM 05-05-2010
NOPE,not in my house,
jen 07:39 AM 05-05-2010
NOT in a million, trillion years!
DBug 08:37 AM 05-05-2010
In a daycare center, sure. But in my home -- NO WAY!!
originalkat 08:54 AM 05-05-2010
In California, I worked at a center that had cameras installed and the parents could get online and watch live video but there was no sound. It was really a pain. I worked as an Assistant Director there and we CONSTANTLY had parents calling asking about what they saw. It was nothing bad...but without being there knowing the whole "picture" they didnt understand why Johnny was not playing with the other kids etc...

Plus, a center is completely different than a home. I would not have cameras installed in my home.
Janet 10:50 AM 05-05-2010
Not in a million years would I ever consider installing a camera in my home! This is my home! Besides, what if I need to pick a wedgie? I would be very insecure doing it with a camera around!
Reply 11:37 AM 05-05-2010
lol,... this isnt always a daycare.... lol. NO way Im putting a camera in,... NO WAY! Do you know how many times I run from the bathroom to the bedroom when I forget my shirt?!?!?! lolol. Bad enough I have to dodge the teenagers, Im not dodging cameras too! lol
Michael 12:36 PM 05-05-2010
I don't disagree about a family home needing one for parent viewing. Privately I can see its use for a provider having access to the data only. It may be helpful to clarify a disruptive situation or help in case of a liability claim.

We had an article on the subject of daycare and monitors last year:
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