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ihop 09:41 AM 11-27-2013
I have a 7month old infant that has been with me 3monthd. Dcm always remakes bottles per my request. Typically they are bm, but sometimes formula. Today I tried feeding dcb and he wouldn't eat it so I smelled it to see if maybe it was formula and that was why he wouldn't eat it and it had a very sweet fruity smell. I smelled the other bottles and all but one had that smell. I warmed the one that didn't smell and he ate it. I know dcm has been giving him Motrin for teething so I am wondering if maybe she put it in the bottles or does eating something make your bm smell like it? I don't want to accuse her of anything if I'm wrong. I will be making him formula bottles for the rest of the day. They are picking up early so I don't know why they would bother dosing bottles since morning dose doesn't even have time to wear off by then. They are not sneaky parents so I'm not sure what to think.
SilverSabre25 09:45 AM 11-27-2013
Good call not using that one.

usually when parents dose a bottle I think they usually say, 'give him THIS one at x time".

But if he won't eat it, it's probably best to not give it to him. I would def mention it to the parents at pick up though.
TwinKristi 09:50 AM 11-27-2013
That's weird... I would toss it and let her know he wouldn't take a bottle and it smelled different than the others so you threw it away. Don't necessarily say what it smelled like but see if she tells you she put Motrin in it or something.
ihop 10:00 AM 11-27-2013
Only one smelled normal its just strange. Plus I don't love sticking my nose in someones bm trying to decide what it smells like
melilley 10:21 AM 11-27-2013
That is really weird! I really hope it's not some kind of medicine, especially Motrin or something like that. It wouldn't make sense to give it to the baby that way, at all. Maybe it's an antibiotic? But that still doesn't make sense. It should be in only one bottle for that. Either way, they should have told you no matter what it is.

I personally would call/text and tell them that the child will only eat out of one bottle and when you dumped a different one out, it smelled different, or something like that.
Blackcat31 10:21 AM 11-27-2013
I have NO idea but wouldn't the smell or odor of breast milk be somewhat dependent on what the mother ate?

I had a previous breastfeeding mom who had breastmilk that smelled really garlic-y all the time.

I had another who was obsessed with ketchup on everything she ate. Her breast milk always had a hint of pink to it.

IMHO, you still did the right thing. When in doubt, go with your initial gut reaction.
ihop 10:28 AM 11-27-2013
I agree it would smell like what she ate but they looked like formula bottles and smelled strongly like fruit snacks oddly enough. Im not chancing it. She can have her husband use them tomorrow.
Heidi 10:42 AM 11-27-2013
Just send them back, and tell them for some reason, baby didn't seem to want those. Have mom smell them. Maybe they sat in the fridge too long, or something new you ate? What do you think, mom?
jenn 12:35 PM 11-27-2013
I think you made the right call by not using them! I have a parent that puts vitamin D drops in the bottles and they have a sweet smell. I have a paper from her doctor stating that this is necessary and she labels the bottles "breastmilk with vit D supplement". I would mention it to mom. If she is adding something, you need to be aware of it.
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