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llpa 07:20 AM 01-31-2014
Hi everyone! I am new to posting "officially", but have been coming to the forum daily for a while. Thanks for the great advice you all give! It has gotten me thru some rough days. I own a very small center, which is actually listed as a group home in PA, but I rent a space instead of having the daycare at my home. I have been open since Sept 2013 and only have two full time little boys. I love what I am doing and my priority is to fill this place up ) the good news is my dcp are fantastic and very supportive and always pay on time lol! , bad news is I need a few more! Looking forward to participating and learning from you all.
Blackcat31 07:22 AM 01-31-2014
Welcome the forum!
Michael 12:45 PM 01-31-2014
Welcome to the forum.
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