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Jujube835 09:39 AM 06-22-2015
Ok. I want baby monitor type cameras in my daycare. I don't necessarily need them to record for later viewing or anything. I am wanting at least 4 cameras for separate rooms, and probably just 1 or 2 monitors. I'm hoping for cameras that I can speak through, and that pivot with a remote or something.

Does a camera exist that does all this?!!! Does anyone have experience with any cameras that they like?
Leigh 10:20 AM 06-22-2015
Levano (maybe Levana?) makes a camera that is supposed to be "un-hackable". That's what I'd recommend. I have a Levano that is expandable (don't know if you can have 4, though) that I really like.
Jujube835 12:16 PM 06-22-2015
Thank you, Leigh. I will look into that
MarinaVanessa 08:40 AM 06-23-2015
I'll ask my husband what we have. It's a camera we installed in the living room on the ceiling and we installed an app on our phones or tablets or you van view the feed online. The apps and online program let's you pan 360 degrees and zoom in and can be installed on the ceiling or put on a flat surface without hardware.

The feed is in color and has sound so you can hear what's happening and you can speak through the camera. You can connect a recording device to it if you want to record the audio and video and keep the feed but you don't have to (we don't). It was less expensive for this camera than getting a good baby monitor since we already had our computer/internet, phones and tablets.

It may be a little more costly than a baby monitor system if you don't have a computer, smart phone or tablet/iPad already but the feed is clearer/better, in color, has night vision and is closed circuit so people can't accidentally come across the feed even if they own the same system (like some baby monitors are known to do). You can even give the link to clients if you want to and I believe you set a password to get in but I can't remember exactly since I don't plan on allowing clients to see the feed.
Jujube835 08:54 AM 06-23-2015
Yeah Marina that'd be great!! That's exactly what I need Please let me know when you figure out the brand and model!
jenboo 11:51 AM 06-23-2015
Summer infant has a nice monitor/camera system. You can connect up to 4 cameras to one monitor. They also pan/tilt and zoom.
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