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Gbhatia 12:06 PM 06-15-2021
Hello everyone,
We are planning to open a childcare center in Illinois.
So the site does not have an outdoor play area but it is a huge indoor play area available. Does the city and DCFS approve that?
Is any have same experience? Is it fine to apply for a license with an indoor play area or will they reject it? Please guys guide us so that we can use our efferters in right direction.
Thanks in advance.
Cat Herder 12:13 PM 06-15-2021
Most States require a minimum of 1 hour of outdoor play per day.
I would definitely recommend starting with a call to licensing before looking at buildings.

Here are the licensing standards:
Outdoor playground rules begin on page 98
Cat Herder 12:19 PM 06-15-2021
I did find this on page 102 -

The Department may grant a waiver of the outdoor play area requirement under the following conditions:

1) The facility is located in an urban area where suitable, safe outdoor space is
not available;

2) The facility has an indoor activity room that provides 75 square feet per child for at least 25% of the licensed capacity of the facility and is used for gross motor play in lieu of outdoor space; and

3) Parents are given notification of this waiver in writing upon enrollment of their children.

(Source: Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 17293, effective August 1, 2014)
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