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GretasLittleFriends 07:59 AM 02-08-2011
This news story was posted on one of the twin cities news channels. I don't use a video monitor, but found this story interesting/disturbing and figured I would share it.

Main point quoted from story:

"We bought an analog video monitor, and asked parents' permission to park outside their houses. With the monitor in our car we could see and hear everything going on in babies' rooms from as far as a block away. Trees didn't block the signal either."
Blackcat31 08:25 AM 02-08-2011
This was posted by a member a while back with the same scary info...

Makes one afraid of things that were designed for safety huh? Scary indeed!!!
laundrymom 09:04 AM 02-08-2011
I dont but I used to at night until I heard someone talking dirty on my monitor. Sounded like they were using cordless intercom systems to have ..... Well long didtance love. I think they were neighbors across the dtreet in separate houses. Young and just having fun. I politely spoke into the transmitter that the conversation was being broadcast over my monitor. They got ugly said they didn't care that it was a free country etc. so I made a recording of the kids crying, whining, anytime they were pitching a fit I recorded them for a week. Filled both sides of a mini tape recorder. When I woke in the night I hit play. For two solid weeks I turned he tape each time I woke. The guy stopped me a week later and said they heard my baby was sick, I looked sad and said, yes colic all night long. I never heard dorty talk again. Lol. I dont use them for daycare tho. Lol.
elle73 03:57 PM 02-08-2011
I got a video monitor when my son was born, it was the same one as our neighbors and we could see and hear everything going on in their house and they could see and hear everything going on in our house, since we knew them we had an agreement to keep our monitors on different channels, but we also unplugged ours during the day and only had it on at night. Still it felt weird knowing that they could be listening to us or watching our son, they have since moved so its not a big deal now, but after reading that article I'm wondering if anyone else around us as the same monitor as us.
Michael 10:15 PM 02-08-2011
The better ones are password protected.
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