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Sweet Peas 05:56 AM 09-20-2010
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for advice.
I'm a newer fcc provider, just started Aug.'09. I currently enrolled 2 more children (including a newborn that starts end of Nov.) I'm now worried that with the 6 other kids and the infant, that it will be overwhelming for me. I wouldn't be able to provide a steady routine due to the infant needs.
Wondering if others expand their home dc, take on an assistant (where to I look to find one), or should I let the new family go.
Just looking for any advice.

Ms. T
DCMomOf3 12:48 PM 09-21-2010
I have thought about an assistant part-time but I have no idea what that would take as far as taxes, social security, etc. I don't know enough about it so I'm nervous even contemplating it. I am curious to see what others do.
Abigail 07:46 PM 09-21-2010
I would still give the new family a try and if you only have one infant it really is not an issue. Most of the kids like to be around a baby and understand "So and so is just a baby..." and it's fun to watch and learn what babies do vs. toddlers/preschool age children. I would make sure you have a trial period and just let the family know you have never had an infant and will do the best to meet the needs of their child too....if that is the case. Do you get more for the infant?

Before looking into hiring an assistant, I would check around for volunteers. You need to run a background check for child abuse/neglect and I think that is it. Just call your local child care resource and referral and ask about volunteer requirements. Maybe someone from college or even an elderly person would like to volunteer during a walk or field trip for a few hours a week. I'm sure they have rules about how many hours you have someone over. You could probably just ask a few of your friends if they're available and try to plan accordingly to have one friend help two hours this week and another friend a few hours the following week.

If you can't do the volunteer option, I see on and craigslist that daycares here are looking for assistants and have a set schedule. The only thing is, do you really want someone else in your home all the time? I don't know the rules about having an assistant, but be sure you're in ratio and you'll probably surprise yourself that you can handle it during the trial period. You would have to pay minimum wage (I think) and that is pretty much losing two kids pay, so it wouldn't be worth it to me to hire someone.
boysx5 03:12 AM 09-22-2010
I just added two new families in July and I will say at first having a new bunch and more kids took a bit of adjusting but once you get everything down its really not much different. I don't think I would do the asst. I have a neighbor who went through a bunch and that seems like more stress to me
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