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kelsey's kids 01:07 PM 09-13-2013
How do you kelep flies out of your daycare? If you do have a problem how do you get rid of the effectively? It just seems with all the comings and goings of parents, outside time, letting the dogs in and out ect we have a terrible fly problem
Willow 01:21 PM 09-13-2013
Swat, swat, swat.

I also spray around my entry doors with Flying Insect Raid and that does seem to help them from biding their time there in swarms.

I sympathize, they're AWFUL right now
lovemylife 01:22 PM 09-13-2013
Us too! They are so frustrating! It seems they wait by the door until I open it and fly in. We got a bug zapper (tennis racket kind) It works great. But the batteries drain pretty fast.
Play Care 01:25 PM 09-13-2013
My house was built on land that was once cow pasture. When we first moved in the flies were terrible. Every so often we get a bunch but I just go nutty with the fly swatter. I also hang the fly paper in the garage, which is gross, but it helps.
itlw8 02:13 PM 09-13-2013
I use those clear sticky strips that stick on the window. the flys like the sunshine once you catch one it attracts more. I change them every couple of days because they are full
kelsey's kids 03:00 PM 09-13-2013
We use the sticky paper but they seems to multiply faster than I can catch them they are terrible here it is disgusting.
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