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Ariana 06:33 AM 04-14-2012
I thought I would post some of my meal ideas here for those interested in serving nutritious Organic food in their daycare. I find that 90% of the things I serve I can buy premade but some things need to be made from scratch. I make the pizza crust from scratch using a normal recipe but just using organic ingredients. Most everything is organic so I won't write out the word organic over and over Here in Canada our dairy isn't infused with hormones so I don't buy organic dairy but do use a lot of dairy alternatives.

I don't serve breakfast (my kids come too late).

Kamut or brown rice noodles and pasta sauce
black bean pizza (crust, sauce, beans, veggies and Daiya non-dairy cheese/regular cheese)
Pita, hummus and veggies
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Chicken and rice or kamut noodles
Cheese, black bean and pepper quesadillas
I serve fruit after every meal as dessert

Banana rollups (banana, peanut butter and tortilla rolled up and sliced)
Homemade frozen yogurt (frozen strawberries or blueberries, yogurt, honey and a little bit of milk in a food processor)
Applesauce (easy to make your own as well with apples, cinnamon in a processor) *apples are bad for pesticides so I peel all apples, even organic*
Veggies and hummus
Smoothie (frozen berries, almond milk, flax oil, brown rice protein powder, probiotics) *berries HAVE to be organic as they also contain a ton of pesticides. Strawberries being the worst*
Fig bars (Barbara's brand)
Cereal bars (Barbara's brand)

This is all I can think of right now! Let me know if you want specific info about any of it. I buy most of this stuff in a natural food store.
Countrygal 06:07 PM 04-14-2012
I made hummus the other day for my dck's and all but one ate it right up! I love hummus!
Jenniferdawn 09:18 AM 04-15-2012
Ariana, thanks sooo much! If you think of other things, please keep posting them on here cause I will keep looking for updates. I love the banana wrapped in the tortilla idea.
lil angels 06:44 AM 04-16-2012
Love the ideas thank you.
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