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Mom&Provider 07:10 AM 08-17-2011
New to posting, not so much to lurking!

Yesterday a little one developed a cold sore while here, Mom gets them, but the child (2 years old) never has until now. Everything appeared totally fine at drop off, no cold sore, but by snack time it had appeared and was already weeping clear fluid - its small and initially I actually thought it was a bit of food until I wiped it (that's when it started weeping) and was immediately sent into a panic. My own daughter especially had been sharing toys with this child all morning and the little one tends to mouth things alot and was at this time too. Yes, I do try to enforce that they not put things in the mouth (obviously) and I do often take things away...but of course this time I didn't since they were having so much fun together. My daughter was making sounds w/her fingers on her lips when I realized what it was which makes me worry to no end!!

Do any of the children in your care get cold sores? How do you handle it/them when they have an active sore and in between? Do you have anything in your contract about it?

Yesterday I put a bandaid over the sore and washed everyones hands and face, but I still can't help but feel my efforts were made too late and now I have to figure out how to handle this in the future and hope that no one has picked up the virus already. I asked Mom to keep the child home today if it got worse or continued to weep, but the child is here today since it does look better, is not weeping etc.

Today I have the little one with some toys separate from the other kids, since the sore is obviously fairly new. I also want to be able to properly clean the toys he has been in contact with specifically vs running around like I did yesterday cleaning everything I knew he had touched and some things I wasn't sure he had. I hate to make him feel any different from the other kids, but I'm very concerned and have never had to handle this issue before. Am I doing the right thing? Do I need/should I let the other set of parents know that this child is now getting cold sores?
TBird 07:20 AM 08-17-2011
Wish I could of my DCB's had one a few weeks ago but he's 3 and doesn't mouth toys.
Blackcat31 09:41 AM 08-17-2011

The first link is the technical fact sheet, the second link is the parent information. Hope this helps.
daycare 10:04 AM 08-17-2011
I have in my PHB and illness policy no rashes, open wounds, or any type of infection which secrets puss/fluid.

Cold sores while they seem harmless are actually very painful and highly contagious. I suffer from them all the time. It is a form of herpes HSV1 and most people will become a carrier of it by the time they are 21 years old. Some people will never have an outbreak; like my husband, and then others ; like me will.

I have to be on medication when I get them. I get very sick when I do.. I get fever, vomiting, shakes, fatigue and just feel horrible. My mouth throbs and it also makes it very hard for me to eat.

Mine are brought on by triggers which are UV rays and coffee... My two favorite

I would exculde any child that had anything anywhere on their body that was producing puss/fluid..... Well unless they are tears or a clear runny nose.
littlemommy 10:42 AM 08-17-2011
I hope I never have to deal with this. If I sent a kid home until a cold sore healed, I would have parents arguing that I sent them home and they shouldn't have to pay.
daycare 01:02 PM 08-17-2011
I think that a cold sore is one thing, but when its producing puss or fluid, then how are you able to stop it from infecting your home, kids and toys..

I think also it has to do with the age of the child. Older children usually don't mouth toys and can easily wash hands... It's harder for younger ones to not mouth toys and for them to wash thier hands.

I have this in my {PHB}

Factors of consideration include the developmental level of your child in congruence with my ability to limit the spread of germs.
The younger your child, the more difficult it is to keep the spread of germs down. For example: hand to face contact, mouthing of toys, uncontrolled nasal discharge, uncovered sneezing and coughing etc.
Mom&Provider 10:17 AM 08-18-2011
Thanks for the information and suggestions. I def will have to update my sick policy in my contract and while I know these parents will know it is directed at them...I have to for everyones sake!

This child is also one that comes into care with terrible colds, runny nose, sneezing and I've expressed to Mom before that he can't come like that since I cannot contain the germs...but I never mentioned anything about his age and not being able to cover his mouth/nose etc. those are good points I will need to include!
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