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Daycare and Taxes>What To Save???
Unregistered 10:41 AM 01-26-2012
I know we need to keep 3 years of all paperwork and receipts plus anything still in the process of depreciation.
So.... what should I have on file now?
2008, 2009, 2010 ??
Once I have 2011 taxes complete, when can I shred 2008??

Drowning in paper!!!
TomCopeland 05:16 PM 01-27-2012
You need to save your tax records for at least 3 years after filing your tax return. Save your 2008 records until after April 17, 2012. However, continue to save any receipts/records for 2008 and earlier for items that you have been depreciating. Save these records for as long as the depreciation period, plus three years. Also, save copies of your tax returns, for as long as you live.

Check with your state tax revenue office to see how long you must save state tax records. Some states require you to save them for 4 years.

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