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cara 08:33 AM 01-04-2008
Just wondering if there are any day care providers in Louisiana and if you could help me getting started offering in home care.

Unregistered 10:59 PM 01-09-2008
There is some information here:
Unregistered 06:51 PM 05-02-2008
Hi, my wife and I own a class a facility in Louisiana. Where are you in the process?

Ours is 11 years old, 146 child capacity and we accept from 6 weeks to 14 years.

God bless!
Unregistered 06:09 AM 05-06-2008
I would love to know more about your daycare as I am planning a class a myself. Can you give any advice on how to transform a three bedroom trailer and expand it to a facility. Are there any other website that I could go to and look for help. Thanks
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