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Unregistered 02:11 PM 08-26-2012
I have been doing daycare for 3 years. I have never had more than 7 kids on a regular basis, except I have had 8-9 on non school days or when someone needs temp care. I have made a ton of changes to my program and have had alot of interest. Mostly from part time families which is fine with me since they come a little but pay almost the full time rate. I also have school agers going back to school in one week which means I have much more openings for kids during the day. 2 of my daycare kids are my own. I am nervous to take "too many" and get in knee deep and burn out or get over stressed. However I am also thinking I am selling myself short by not taking these interested families and the extra income which we so desperatly need.

Here is my general info :
Open 6 am-4:30; first family arrives at 7:30. Everyone is gone by 4:30 which is awesome!

Here are my current kids
10 mo old- own 6-4:30 M-f
3 yr old- own- 6:430 M-f
16 mo old M-Th 7:30-4:30
3 yr old M-th 8:30-3:30
3 month old- M-f 11:30-4:30
6 yr old M-th 12-4:30 (k all am)
5 yr old M,T,Th,F 8:30-12 (k all pm)
7 yr old M-f 3:45-4:30
7 yr old M-F 3:45-4:30

As you can see they are all here on limited schedules except my own and one 16 month olf who is here all day 4 days. I have no special needs, no major development concerns and both my little babies sleep 1 hour all morning and 2-3 hours every afternoon. The other kids rest/nap about 2 hours.

I have prospective clients interested in 6 am- 12 M-f for a 2 and 4 yr old.

I have accessability to a helper 2 days a week if I need, however she is not scheduled to come right now, and I would put some of the extra income back into cleaning which would help out a ton!

I am concerned the about taking on a family and overdoing it and then having to quit/term them but I feel like I am missing out if I don't try it.

Do you ladies have any suggestions on how to plan ahead to make this work or do you think I am getting over my head?
Michael 04:54 PM 08-26-2012
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Unregistered 07:38 PM 08-26-2012
I must confess, I am a registered user. I posted this from my parents house, login wasn't working but I guess considering the perception of some I should probably remain incognito.

Any advice is welcome.
jen2651 06:06 AM 08-27-2012
I can tell you with so many part time/varying schedules pickup times I think it would be easier. I loved it when my kids were more part time than full time - don't get me wrong, I like the money now, but every day was different! Plus, the two newbies are picked up so early, then you have some kiddos coming at the same time, it would be like you are starting over for the day! So, if someone peed on your bathroom floor in the am, seeing them leave and getting a new child will make you feel new again! At least, that is how it worked for was like a gift from god somedays to see my (now 15 mth old) leave at noon...I loved him to death but sometimes I was ready for him to go! I know that sounds bad but I am not going to lie and say every day is sunshine and roses...sometimes I have a weedy day! But, I did/do love when there is a little variety to my days and the schedules. yes, you will have to start earlier...that is what I would think about instead of the overwhelming part - to me that is what is most likely to lead to the burnout. BUT, you have a great schedule now...would you have the newbies come and lay down? or would they be RARIN' to go at 6? After I signed on a client her work schedule changed. I loved her and her son so I agreed to open 15 mins earlier for her. No biggie, I was already up, AND her son is more than happy to find a quiet place and lay down until someone else comes!

Good luck - I would do a trial, I know it would be stinky, but if it doesn't work, you can always tell them you are just having a hard time with the naptime pickup (or something....)
cheerfuldom 07:10 AM 08-27-2012
I would do it on a trial basis. I would imagine it will work out just fine since so many of yours are off to school soon.
Blackcat31 07:24 AM 08-27-2012
I agree with Cheer...all you can do is try and doing it on a trial basis is a great way to find out if a "few" or a "few more" children is right for you.

You don't have to do a two week trial can set your trial period for as long as you want.

I think with so many varying schedules, you should have just enough changing faces to keep things interesting.

I also think you are right about not ever knowing unless you try so I say go for it. You can always change things if it doesn't work out.
Unregistered 09:31 AM 08-27-2012
How about suggestions. I like to plan ahead for everything. Obviously I would make a lot of freezer meals for their initial few weeks and I would love not having to clean my house. Their extra income would go to the cleaning help and I would still have alot extra for other stuff. I even thought about scheduling the helper for one day or one evening just to have something to look forward to, incase something wasn't working out I would have a bright spot in the week.

Other ideas? Organization ideas? Pre-planning things? I like to have my ducks in a row before gettting into the water if you KWIM.

I already have 6 weeks of curriculum prepped, ready and cut out. That was done for other reasons but any other ideas would be awesome.
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