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frugalmama4 11:29 AM 12-20-2012
Good Afternoon all an a early Merry Christmas!

Does anyone have a weekly schedule you required your parents to fill out for services?

I need to fill some I'm advertising "Pay by the day" but I will have parents complete a service request form and pay in advance for service.

Please share with me

Thanks for any feed back!!!
MarinaVanessa 01:08 PM 12-20-2012
I'm not exactly sure what you are offering but in my case all of my FT and PT clients come on scheduled hours and days that are written in the contract. I might be open M-F from 7am-6pm but

DCF#1 comes M-F 7am-5pm
DCF#2 comes M-F 10:30am-6pm
DCF#3 comes M-F 11:30am-6pm
DCF#4 comes M,T,Th,Fri 7:30-2:30pm
DCF#5 comes M-Th 7:30am-2pm

They all stick to their contracted schedules, all pay a flat weekly rate (individually based on the number of hours they need unless they are FT which is the same base rate no matter what) if they need more hours they pay extra, if they don't use all the days one week they don't get a discount.

My pay by day clients are drop-in clients. They only pay for the number of days/hours that they actually use. They schedule these days in advance and pay up front at drop off. If they leave earlier than scheduled there is no discount given and a spot is not guaranteed.

If a client should happen to have a rotating schedule (like retail or restaurant) that changes week to week then I require them to write down their schedule and give it to me 2 weeks in advance but I don't have a specific fill out form for them to fill out.
Holiday Park 01:39 PM 12-20-2012
Dcf1: 2days per week, M&F's 8-5:30 , with the privilege of droppig off at 7am , if needed so long as I get notice by 7pm the night before
Right now they are "pay by day" and she is under the impression I am holding her spot because that was tge original agreement. I tried enforcing the pay by Friday rule as agreed on too but she argued with me and TOlD me she wouldnt pay on fri (for the following week) is dcg is ever sick on a friday, even though she doesn't mind still paying for days she's absent. I'm going to draw upa "part time" contract . The "part time" contract will say I am holding the slot for her but she has to pay every Friday and follow the payment policies . Or she can choose to be "drop in" instead and those days will not be guarenteed.

Dcf2: 4days per week, Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri's 8-5:30 , with the privilege of dropping off at 6am up to twice a week at no extra charge so long as she tells me of the earlier drop ff by 7pm the night before.
Some days she works later in the day and doesn't need to drop off at 8. I have her drop off at 8 to give dcb consistency. And because she was too eishy washy with her drop off times before. she would tell me the Friday before, that wed is 10am drop off but then wait till 10to say they will be late 1 hour. and really show up 2 hrs later . Or she'd text Im on the way but not show up for an hour or more or end up saying he will be absent after I waited for her and didnt go anywhere because I was expecting her . However, she has to from now on give me 24 hours notice if she decides to drop off later tha sheduled.

Dcf3: M-F 6am-3:00pm
she is the highest paying client (I didnt raise rates for my other ft client unless she decides to go to 5days) He doesn't start till Jan
She signed up under the brand new handbook and is buying a brand new car seat to keep here if/when we go anywhere :-)

dcf1 seems happy with me, but I have some personal issues with them, and not feeling respected, so when I pay off my debts after tax return time, I'm going to seriously consider giving them 2weeks notice.
frugalmama4 05:43 PM 12-20-2012
Thanks ladies for the feed back,

I currently do contracted hours between 6:30-5:30pm Mon-Fri.

Its just the pickings are a little slim "for lack of better words" I really need to drum up some business. And around here "Houston area" home-base and center base care is around $55-$165 a week all ages. Not everyone works a 9-5 or 5days a week, so I'm offering "pay as you go...only pay for days used" I would rather a set full time schedule but when the tough gets this business you gotta due what you gotta due. I will only fill two of my spots this way...with non siblings.

This is what I have so far for this type of service.

1. Mon-Fri 7:00-5:00pm
2. Up to 10 hours of care per-day
3. Schedules are required a week in advance "by Thursday morning" with full payment.
4. If all days are not used for the requested week "a credit will be given for the next week..."up to two days only"

So I was looking for some ideals on this type of services.

Thanks yall!
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