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JaFry 03:41 PM 08-15-2016
Hello all, I've been running an in home daycare for a little over a year now and am having a little difficulty. I have a little one whose mother has decided she is paying less than she is supposed to. Let me give you a little background. When I first started watching this little one his mother begged me to let her make two monthly payments instead of one big chunk on the first. I hesitantly agreed and said she had to pay half and half and then told her that she had to pay on the 1st and the 15th. Everything was great for awhile, the last couple of months though its changed. She doesn't pay on time anymore (sometimes 5 days late), unless I call her and remind her. And today she informed me that she was going on a trip for a week next week and since today is the day she is supposed to pay she let me know she would be deducting money for the days he isn't here. I'm upset because I didn't agree to this at all. I have a set monthly charge not a weekly charge. Am I overreacting or should I push the issue?
JackandJill 03:59 PM 08-15-2016
She can either pay or put in her two weeks. Either way, you need to put your foot down, this is YOUR business.

Either enforce your payment policies or term her. No way would I let a parent dictate when and how much they pay me!! Good luck!!
EntropyControlSpecialist 04:24 PM 08-15-2016
What does your policy say about late payments? What does your policy say about your payment due dates?

If you don't have policies you need to create them immediately and begin enforcing them immediately.

Payment is due by X date at X time. After this date and time a late fee of $--.-- per day will be applied. Children are unable to attend until their account balance is paid in full.

I had a similar parent when I first began. I terminated her contract when she told me she wouldn't be paying for her time she was on vacation.
Leigh 04:42 PM 08-15-2016
I tell parents from the start that I charge a yearly tuition, and that I will let them pay it as it works best for them. They sign a statement agreeing that they understand that FULL tuition is due regardless of attendance.

Definitely tell her that she owes full tuition and that you won't be providing care if it isn't paid. She's basically asking you to subsidize her vacation because she can't afford her vacation AND daycare. She needs to decide which is her priority.
Lil_Diddle 04:53 PM 08-15-2016
Do you have a policy handbook? It's a great thing to fall back on
MarinaVanessa 08:48 AM 08-16-2016
Do you have a contract? What does it say about absences and vacations?
How do you normally handle absences like when the child has an appointment or is sick? Have they paid for these days or are they credited?

If you don't have a contract I'd insist on one immediately and make sure to add everything that could become an issue in the future especially payments and absences.
In any case I'd bring it up either way. If you let it slide this time then it'll come up again in the future. You might want to at least bring it up and mention that her not paying for time that they took off for vacation was never discussed or agreed upon. You might have to bite the bullet on this one this time if you don't have anything in writing about it now but at least in the future she'll know that it's not only up to her.

If you feel confident about it you can definitely let her know if you disagree with her and expect her to pay for the week that she's gone on vacation. Bring up the late payments as well. Liek someone else said ... you can give her the choice of paying for the time that's she's gone or have her put in her 2 week notice. Don't make this offer if it's just a bluff or she might call it and not come back.
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