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Daycare and Taxes>Tom, Old Parent wants Old Info...
Unregistered 11:41 AM 03-18-2011
I received a call today from an old daycare parent. She is requesting tax information from 2006. For some reason they didn't file their taxes that year. Back then I did give them the required information for tax purposes. Now she is requesting it again. I told her that none of my information from that far back is readily available and she told me if I didn't get it to her she would just esitmate what she is thinking....

Seriously do I have to dig out this information for her??

Cat Herder 12:29 PM 03-18-2011
I am only required to keep records for two years.... If it happened here, the answer would be "Sorry, sounds like an expensive life lesson. Ouch".

I just can't image that happening....

Sorry....did not pay attention to forum placement....
dEHmom 09:18 AM 03-19-2011
Yeah, but charge her a fee for it

I know many daycare ladies who give the receipt, if they have to go back and recalculate it, they charge $40
TomCopeland 12:41 PM 03-19-2011
You are not required to dig this information out. You can charge a fee for it. You can do it for free.
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