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Abigail 01:14 PM 03-20-2011
How much room does your "boring" and "usual-anywhere-you-go-for-daycare-will-have-this" sections take up on paper? Mine seems to be the first three pages. It's setup well with titles of "I am a mandated reporter" and "Substitutes and employees" and "My privacy policy" etc. so parents can skip sections if they really wanted to and get to the good parts.

Formatting. When you look online you don't notice what fits on one page and how far to the edges it goes or even what size font it is because it's not printed. Most of my examples I'm looking at are online and they all print the same.....however I copy/paste it into word really. Now, I have my friend's policy handbook (from a center) and it's probably a font size 8 making it only five pages yet covers a lot. Some might even be smaller--like the daily schedules. Would you have a larger font, smaller font, or different sizes of fonts? Would you print front and back to save paper? Would you print on colored paper or in colored ink? Thanks for all opinions.
nannyde 03:22 PM 03-20-2011
The most boring part of your policies is what will allow you to be successful in your business. Display them with pride and make sure the parents actually read them.

I don't do paper copies of my policies. I just have them on my website now.
SimpleMom 12:06 PM 03-21-2011
agreed, the boring parts are so needed. i condensed mine once yrs ago and then went back to pages (8, i think). it's alot, but everything is covered...actually, whenever new things come up it expands!
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