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mrs.meg 06:41 AM 10-10-2009
I have a question for all of you experienced providers. I was wondering if you have ever had a child that was good at school but very naughty at your place? I have been keeping 2 boys for over a year now. They are 4 and 2, the 4-yo went to preschool this year. His teacher goes to my church and RAVES about how cute and wonderful he is. I kind of don't know what to say because I do not like to lie to her. Is it that in a school setting there are so many other kids that he just does what he is supposed to? When he is here, he is a mean little boy. He doesn't share, his 2 year old brother is better at sharing than him. He tries to boss me around and has no respect for anything or anyone. When his mother comes, he immediately starts kicking the door or throwing things and acting like a little animal. He bosses her around and I don't think she even realizes it, she just does what he says, the whole family revolves around what this 4 year old wants. We have a 2 week fall break, so I have been keeping him full-time and he has been a little better behaved, but is just so used to getting his way that he isn't pleasant to be around. His mother babies them both, so they expect me to do everything for them. They have learned alot here, but I guess I am frustrated and feel that I am doing something wrong since he is so wonderful at school.
Former Teacher 07:14 AM 10-10-2009
No worries Mrs. Meg...his true colors will come out eventually at school! Right now, it's still all new to him. You figure he only has been doing this since Aug/Sept.

Just be firm with him. Stick to your own guns. It is funny how in my case a child would listen to me more so than their parents. For example: at my former center we had a rule toys only on Fridays. Well there was always this one little boy, Jack, who EVERYDAY would bring in a toy. So after his mother would leave, I had to take the toy away. She would always tell me that she tried to take the toy away but he wouldn't give it to her. She didn't want to see him cry so I had to wait until after she left. One day she didn't leave until 30 mins. later.

Well, I told myself that isn't going to happen again since meanwhile he is playing with this toy. Next day, I was sitting with the children during movie time and in comes Jack with his toy. I was not about to disturb the children so I said quite firmly "Jack let me have the toy please, today is not Friday". He would give it to me. For awhile we would put it back in his cubby. Then he started to take it out and play with it.

My next step was asking him to give it to me and then me just giving it back to the mother. Towards the end he would bring in the toy and he would see me and then give the toy to his mother himself haha.

Anyway, long story short, as I said, stick to your guns. Be firm. You are not doing anything wrong. There are kids out there are that horrible at home and perfect at dc. Then again sometimes parents say that their child is horrible at dc but perfect at home. Then again my number 1 rule of daycare: NEVER believe a parent!

Good luck to you
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