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Countrygal 05:24 PM 01-23-2012
And it went really great! I was totally surprised that all families were represented (I did allow kids - put them in front of a movie).

got through the agenda in like 1/2 hour and even had some time to talk to one mom by herself.

One mom commented that "the kids had more ideas than we did!" because I had held a little meeting with the kids one day for their input, and yeah, they did!

I had a couple of general concerns - some "pairs" that are fighting a lot, things like that and we all discussed using these problems as "themes" and they all loved the ideas.

Couldn't have gone better, I don't think! It's sure nice to get the positive input!

We also had our first "theme day" - "monkey Day". Had lots of fun, but I am TIRED!!!

Other than the usual, the kids had fun and we did lots and lots of activities and learning times and even got outside for almost an hour!

Overall good day, but not one I could repeat too often! I'm wiped!
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