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ladjohnson 02:18 PM 03-06-2013

Months later and I am still looking for a daycare facility. I didn't think it was going to be such a long process, but I'm seeking assistance from I'm looking for a daycare building in Houston, Texas preferably on the Northwest or Northeast side of Houston. If anyone know of any vacant building or an owner wanting to sale please e-mail me at

CedarCreek 03:05 PM 03-06-2013
Have you checked craigslist? I feel like I've seen a few for sale in there recently.
Michael 03:10 PM 03-06-2013
We have another thread that may be helpful:
Chuckles 07:51 PM 03-06-2013
There should be people who specialize in that type of service. I believe there are even some websites dedicated to the sale of day care centers. In Dallas, there is someone named Misty Thorton who brokers deals between daycares and people looking to buy.
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