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jenboo 09:16 AM 03-13-2014
I need some way to entertain some toddlers while I feed a very slow 3 month old.
I recently got licensed and was able to add one two more kids.
I currently have
DCG 5 yrs old
DCG 4 yrs old
DCB just turnd 2 yrs old
DCB about to turn 2 yrs old
DCB 17 months old
DCG 3 months old

It takes DCG 3 months old at least 45 to drink 6 ounces!! The older DCGs are great and I have no problem with them. The DCBs discovered yesterday that while im feeding the baby, they can basically do what ever they want because I can't do anything about it. It was chaotic! They did not listen to me/respond to their names, etc. This is only the first week with the baby and almost 2 yr old so I know it is going to take time for everyone to adjust.

I am looking for activity ideas to entertain the toddlers while the baby is eating. I have 2 that put everything in their mouths so i have to be careful (pom poms/ cotton balls are definitely a no unless i can be right there to stop them from going in the mouths). They do not sit for very long either (obviously). I don't have much range of motion while feeding the baby so i am at a loss for activities because these boys are wild. Oh and it needs to be an inside activity.

Activities that are a no go:
pompoms (choking hazard)
crayons/ playdough (they eat them)
sensory table (i dont have enough time between feeding the baby and making lunch to clean up the huge mess they make
EntropyControlSpecialist 09:46 AM 03-13-2014
Side note: could baby have a tongue or lip tie? Most pediatric dentists, lactation consultants, and pediatricians are not properly trained in diagnosing or spotting them. This was my daughter's issue...csn you take a pic of the lip lifted up?

Divide the kids. Put the ones that can't handle activities well right by you and the ones that can with sensory bin and similar activities. The baby gate and/or large playyard is your friend!
Cat Herder 09:47 AM 03-13-2014
Divide the kids into small groups on rugs (2 is perfect) and offer age appropriate manipulative's, puzzles, file folder games, color wonder, building blocks or some other tactile activity that they cannot have at any other time.

The key is this is the ONLY time they get to play with these particular bins.
melilley 01:03 PM 03-13-2014
First, congrats on getting your license!

I have a 5 mo. old who is the same way! It takes forever for her to drink a bottle! She was in the NICU for a while and is catching up.

I usually do the sensory table thing. I put a huge blanket under it so everything goes on the blanket and I sit right by them while I feed the baby. I have 4 that are 2.5 and under (not including baby) and this works fabulously! I also have a playroom that is gated off so it makes it a little easier to let them play in a smaller space and I can sit in the vicinity of the children.

I like Cat Herders suggestion too. I do this sometimes, but my kids only sit for a little block of time.
jenboo 09:51 AM 03-14-2014
thank for the suggestions! I tried some yesterday and it was a disaster

DCB1 was put into the superyard (first time bringing it inside as we dont have much space). He cried and threw a fit the whole time. He wouldn't play with the toys that I put in it. At first I tried putting two into it but they team up and push it around the that didn't work. Also one of them can climb in and out so i have to keep him away from the superyard.

DCB2 was buckled into a toddler chair at the table with activities. He lasted about 5 minutes. Then he started scooting the chair all over the room backwards. I ended up moving him (still buckled into the chair) next to me and against a shelf so he couldn't move it anymore. Then he decided to tip himself forward in the chair and lay on the floor with the chair buckled to his butt

DCB 3 was sat on the carpet with activities. That lasted about 10 minutes...then he was running around the room, dumping everything off the bookshelf..he knows how to clean up perfectly but refused to pick up a single book..just kept dumping them off.

45 minutes later baby finished her bottle. I will try and get a picture of her lip on tuesday when she is back. I need to get special activities made this weekend. I will keep trying this and hope that they used to it quickly.
ihop 09:58 AM 03-14-2014
When I am desperate for an activity I know everyone will do.... I get out the cornstarch slurry and strip everyone and put craft smacks on, stick them in the super yard and let them have at it. Typical buys me almost an hour. Or I do shaving cream but not sure the youngest ones could handle it.

When they are all done I wash them up and leave the super yard up long enough for the slurry to dry then I sweep it up
Atroya 12:01 AM 03-18-2014
Sorry to suggest the "OH THE HORRORS" television...but in times like these, a favorite movie or TV show that the 2 yr olds like would be very beneficial. I hate plopping kids in front of a TV, but I have kids with a wide age range too, and find that sometimes just for my own sanity, the television is not such a bad thing.
TwinKristi 01:36 AM 03-18-2014
I really don't think a little bit of TV is that bad either. My DS loves counting when he watches Jake. We count when reading books and other activities as well so it simply reinforces what we already do. Plus I have a family home childcare. It's my family home... In my open living room dining room area that goes right to the back patios. I have a TV in this area and I have a 2yr old who's borderline obsessed with Jake. we don't have cable so it's just a streamed Disney Jr show or movie. We have a wonderful backyard area right off the kitchen so I can hear and see them and that's our first choice if it's nice out. I have a little seats and table set out there for dh & I so I'm able to feed a baby out there.
coolconfidentme 05:31 AM 03-18-2014
When I feed a baby & my natives are restless, we all sing & they dance around. (It works here.) I have a DCB1 who stops what he is doing & comes over to me when I start to sing ABC. He identifies with it cause he knows it when I bottle fed him.
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