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Unregistered 07:59 PM 04-06-2018

I am working for a newer facility and we are trying to get things in order. I have searched and found nothing. I was wondering if all you wonderful people would be willing to help me out by showing/telling me what sheet you use for conferences (mostly infant)? I am trying to compile something, but not sure where to begin.
Michael 09:49 PM 04-06-2018
Here are some threads on conferences:
Cat Herder 06:59 AM 04-09-2018
Ages and stages (milestones) questionnaires typically begin the conference.

That is the point where any concerns about developmental issues would be addressed and a plan made if required.

Next, discussing a new infant feeding plan for the childs upcoming three month usually rounds it out.
Cat Herder 07:07 AM 04-09-2018

Other ASQ links.
Blackcat31 07:14 AM 04-09-2018

Redleaf complete form kit for child care providers
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