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LovetheSun 08:18 PM 06-16-2018

I am looking into Early childhood/ Childcare Conferences or Seminars for this upcoming year. Any recommendations? Since I've learn is a tax deductible I would really like to go at least once!

Thank you!
Mad_Pistachio 08:40 AM 06-17-2018
I went to NAEYC annual conference last year. It usually costs around $500 (can't remember exact price, but the website has all the info: registration already started), lasts 4 days, and is in November, the week before Thanksgiving. They are in DC this year.
Much as I would like to recommend it, it's quite a commitment, both financially and time-wise. I was just lucky: the conference was in Atlanta, where my parents have a house, I had time to go, and I got a student discount ($225 for the conference).
But if you can pull it off, go. You won't regret it.
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