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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Qualifications to Be Called a Preschool?
Core12 04:33 AM 01-16-2020
Are there any qualifications to promote your business as a preschool?
Cat Herder 09:29 AM 01-16-2020
I would expect a documentable/scaffolding preschool curriculum, assessments, lesson plans, conferences, behavior plans, family engagement program and all the other QRIS requirements.

That was when we were encouraged to advertise as such, once we completed the process, were observed and scored. Each state may be different, though. Education is a mandatory part of childcare here, now. It is in the basic operating requirements (rules & regs), not just "above and beyond" anymore. "Just childcare" has already been phased out.
dolores 10:30 AM 01-16-2020
We are a family daycare that promotes to parents and community as a preschool because of how our space is setup and what we offer which is a balanced program of play and learning that includes a daily schedule, preschool curriculum made up of weekly themes, letters,shapes, colors, prereading/premath skills etc. We also complete progress reports and conduct parent teacher conference twice a year,etc. So I think if you set up your family daycare like a preschool you can promote it as one.
jenboo 11:07 AM 01-16-2020
Anyone can call themselves a preschool here. It usually means they only take kids 2-5 or 3-6 years old.
CalCare 07:51 PM 01-16-2020
Anyone can be called preschool here in California. Idk about elsewhere! We can call it whatever we want. I like to use the example: "Babies Sit and Stare Daycare" where they put the babies in bumbos in front of a tv all day, but that same program can also legally be called, "Baby Einstein's preschool academy" lol
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