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KAWISTA9 05:59 PM 10-17-2011
This is my first post! I am a Childcare Provider in New Orleans or shall I say, Harvey, LA. I have been running an unlicensed daycare from my home for about 5 months and everything is great! I am already full and the children and parents love me and the services I provide. I am good with disclipining the children and keeping them in their appropriate places but one thing I had not expected has been happening off and on. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old who are very "CLOSE." The first day the 1 year started, he started rubbing on the 4 year old's leg. When I stopped him, the 4 year old girl got upset with me! Over time they sit close to each other. Today, 4 year old was laying on the floor and the 1 year old was sticking his finger down her shorts under her underwear. She let him! Has anyone ever encountered this. I am not sure how to react. I stop them and put them apart but I am afraid that they will continue to do this! I wonder what is happening in their lives at home that makes them think this is okay or is this normal?!
Michael 06:00 PM 10-17-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
Gigi 07:28 AM 10-18-2011
Oh boy, I have no words when I read your post.. My son who is 4 years and a half has a penchant for anything "womanly" right now... I read somewhere that this may be an oedipal stage that kids this age maybe going through? Not really sure, but I do reprimand my son when he gets too "touchy" with me

I am thinking that it can be a good idea to speak to the mom of the 4 year old girl? But honestly, would not know if that is the best route to take.
LittleCrawfishCC 07:38 AM 10-18-2011
I personally would speak to both parents, and let them know what is going on...You need to watch your butt, because one of the kids could go and say something to mama or daddy, and then its on you....

(My husband and I are from Harvey...But moved to Baton Rouge after Gustov, nice to see someone so close)
nannyde 08:03 AM 10-18-2011
are they sibs
KAWISTA9 07:55 PM 10-18-2011
No, they are not...
littlemissmuffet 08:25 PM 10-18-2011
Yikes. You need to talk to each set of parents immediately and let them know what's going on, let them know what you are doing to correct it and see if they have any feedback/input on the situation and go from there.
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