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Abigail 10:46 AM 03-08-2011
Is this pretty self-explanatory? I took bits and pieces and put it together to make sense to me. This is in my basic contract because I want the families to know up front if they are going to be gone for an extended amount of time this is what I require. I have a separate contract for holding a spot if someone is pregnant. I require to be paid regardless of child's attendance so I don't have anything about maternity leave if a parent wants to keep child number one home while they're home from work. Would I just ask if they want to go to part time temporarily then or should I create a maternity contract as well? So confusing! This is my extended leave portion:

Extended leave due to illness (therefore no notice given), client pays the full weekly rate for the first two weeks. Additional time missed after the initial two weeks of absence will be half the weekly rate to hold the spot for up to twelve weeks. The first week returning to care will be pro-rated.
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