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Daycare and Taxes>Home Daycare Taxes?
AnythingsPossible 07:42 AM 01-29-2010
Hello. I am looking for input on how other home providers handle their taxes. I have been doing home daycare for nearly 8 years and have always done my own taxes. This past year we bought our home and put some work into it. I am wondering if there is a tax software program that would be useful or if we would be better off going to tax professional. If you use a tax preparer, can you think of any questions to ask a potential tax preparer? In the past when I have attempted to use one, I ended up giving them more info then they gave me!
Any advice or opinions you could offer would be great.
Thanks so much!
AnythingsPossible 01:20 PM 01-29-2010
Wow, this kind of falls in that asked and answered category! Should have browsed a little as there is already posts on this subject. Good info too!
Oh well.
originalkat 01:50 PM 01-29-2010
I'm glad you found the posts. We have been discussing a lot about Taxes lately.
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